Ondot Attendance Systems RF/ Smart Card And Finger Print Based


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ondot security systemProduct Introduction:

ON DOT Attendance Monitoring System (AMS) is offered by us in various models, namely with RFID, SMART CARD and FINGER PRINT sensors. These systems have been engineered and designed to fit into every small, medium and large organizations with highly intelligent backend software, for stand alone and server based applications, for error free Time and Attendance report management.


Product Highlights:

  • Contact less (RFID), Smart Card with memory and Finger print technology
  • Stand alone models with 50k logged memory
  • Multi Task Recording through TCP/IP and USB port for remote locations
  • Intelligent System Health Check
  • Auto Expandable
  • Easy to Operate

Cutting edge features:

  1. Compact design, lightweight and rugged.
  2. High efficiency RFID and Smart card sensor, Industrial grade prism for Finger Prints
  3. Can work on ONLINE and OFFLINE mode.
  4. Built-in RS-232, TCP/IP and USB port.
  5. Non Volatile RAM for retaining stored data for years.
  6. High intensity Backlit LCD display.
  7. Optional Built-in Battery charger (12 Volts).
  8. Tamper-proof system. Programmable through PC by administrator only.


  1. Daily muster report for all employees
  2. Detailed attendance report.
  3. Leave management reports.
  4. Employee efficiency reports in terms of late/early/absent/abnormality.
  5. Flexible Company rules for late coming, early going and OT.
  6. User friendly report generation.
  7. Multiple companies.
  8. Yearly status report.
  9. Random check report.
  10. Period wise report.
  11. Working duration report.
  12. Short term worked report.


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