TruVoiz Telephone Digital Voice Recording System


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TRUVOIZ voice recorder is a very important system for quality management of every business organization. It helps the management to check the efficiency and feed back of your existing and prospective customers.

This system is available from single port to 32 ports in a PC. Live monitoring of calls is an added advantage of this system. Every call is registered with the Caller Identification number, duration of conversation, conversation in .wav and VC2 format, date and time. The recorded data can be mailed to the required person/s and can be carried in a CD or pen drive.


Few Applications:

  1. Marketing Organisation.
  2. Service providers
  3. Automobile dealers
  4. Share Brokers
  5. Insurance companies and agencies
  6. Banks and fund managers
  7. Hospitals and Nursing homes
  8. BPOs and IT companies


Quick Contact

Address: 101-117, Vertex Plaza
Market Yard, Pune 411 037

020 - 2426 4461