Our Customers

Opell Telecom customer base is large and huge @17K plus. Our customers are spread across every segment of the market including manufacturing, marketing, service, hospitality, health care, insurance and finance, IT, BPOs, Defence establishments, electricity boards, share broking houses, educational institutes and universities, Chartered Accounting firms, residential and commercial establishments and malls to name a few.

The customer base of our company is spread over Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. We maintain a database of all our customers and keep in touch with them in regular intervals to make sure that our dealers/ branch offices provide them prompt service support. In addition, we also update our customer base of new product developments.

The most valuable input about the existing products and the updates are suggested to us by our customers time to time. In quite a few cases, it was our customers who suggested our company on new developments on our existing products and on updating them, the sales zoomed in multifold.

In short, we do not have customer baseā€¦.we have OPELL FAMILY and this drives our company.


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